Monday, April 20, 2009

Desmond and Jennifer Part 1 of 3

Desmond and Jennifer invited me over to cover their wedding at Kuching, Malaysia. It was my first visit there, very clean and orderly place. In comparison, west malaysia is a little messy to me. I like the place.

Have to blog about the food here!!! I have tasted the best CHAI TAO KUAY there, both white and black!!! The hawker has mastered the skill of frying CHAI TAO KUAY to an ultimate perfection!!!! 想要偷师,却看不出端倪。就是菜头+馃+油+蛋。能把简单的食材,炒得如此香味泗溢, 一定是武(食)林高手!佩服!佩服!The taste still lingers in my mouth now.......Any franchise in SINGAPORE soon????!!!!

The photo session was actually done a day after their customary wedding. It's something different, the custom, the people and the makeup artist..........

Part 2 coming up soon...........

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