Sunday, September 21, 2008

Simple Portraits

Did a clean and bare look for my sis and her 2 lovely daughters, XX and MM. They look alike? Think they look more like their Dad.

Myabe bcos their dad and uncle are photographers, they can be quite candid infront of the camera. I had a fun time taking photos of them!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shamala Part 2 - Before and After Shots

Here're some candid moments taken seconds after or before the portrait shots.

Some clients may have rejected these, cos they might not be looking into the camera, they opened their mouth too wide, their eyes closed, etc. But for me, these would be my "keeper" shots, cos they show their personalities, the relationship, the happy moments and importantly, their "true, genuine" selves. These are shots i always try to achieve.

Shamala's Family Portrait

I had a wonderful time with Shamala's family last weekend. A very closely knitted family, the girls are so beautiful. Especially her 2 daughters, look like Miss India!!!!

I always like to take a family potrait, where everyone comes in black outfits. Colour clothing sometimes can be a little distracting. With a single tone, the photo would focus more on the expressions and bonding of the family members. Few took up the offer though, most chinese dun really fancy the colour. But Shamala was very obliging when i suggested to her. They came all in stylish black; cool, classy and modern.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

RSA Executive Portrait

Here're few outdoor executive portraits for RSA. Refreshing break, cos most of the executive shots i have done so far are in my studio.