Friday, February 27, 2009

Alan & Lorraine

Covered Alan's wedding recently, one of my pals of my uni days.

Alan planned his wedding with military precision. When he shared with me what he would be doing during his big day, i told myself it would definitely be a wedding of many moments and emotions. He was really stressed before hand, but i think it's worth all the effort!!! Congratulations Alan!!!! Enjoy being loved and in love, ever and forever!!!

Alan had a military (SCDF) style march-in, the first one i encountered, and a quartet performing live during the banquet. I love their singing, especially the female singer. She could switch effortlessly between english, mandarin and even cantonese songs. I really like the idea of having live band during the dinner, it's more spontaneous, the atmosphere is different. But more often than not, guests would be so engrossed in their conversation that it has somehow became background music.

Is it the fact that Singaporeans are too shy to applause, or we simply don't really care? Well, some form recognition does make people feel good about themselves ya? So next time, during functions like these, when there's music that makes u feel good, do remember to clap your hands ok?

Click here for the slideshow of their wedding.