Thursday, April 23, 2009

AiBee - Home is where LOVE is

Here's a series of family shots i have done for Aibee and family. Aibee is currently undergoing some challenging health problems. She appears to be a very strong woman to me and i believe she would be able to brave through it.

Here's a link to her blog.

Her family are really fun to be with. Very candid, very relax, very joyous. Wonderful twin she has too. They don't really look alike, but i noticed they have the same set of teeth!! I remembered asking her boy which were his favourite subjects in school. His reply, PE and recess. Ha, what an ANSWER!!!

Aibee, keep up your good spirit. Take it on and knock it out!!!! Wish you a speedy recovery!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Desmond and Jennifer Part 1 of 3

Desmond and Jennifer invited me over to cover their wedding at Kuching, Malaysia. It was my first visit there, very clean and orderly place. In comparison, west malaysia is a little messy to me. I like the place.

Have to blog about the food here!!! I have tasted the best CHAI TAO KUAY there, both white and black!!! The hawker has mastered the skill of frying CHAI TAO KUAY to an ultimate perfection!!!! 想要偷师,却看不出端倪。就是菜头+馃+油+蛋。能把简单的食材,炒得如此香味泗溢, 一定是武(食)林高手!佩服!佩服!The taste still lingers in my mouth now.......Any franchise in SINGAPORE soon????!!!!

The photo session was actually done a day after their customary wedding. It's something different, the custom, the people and the makeup artist..........

Part 2 coming up soon...........

Wee Chong and Sue Yin - Welcoming a NEW LIFE

Sue Yin and Wee Chong are my uni-mates from Sheares Hall. I have seen Sue Yin's transformation from a young girl in school to now a mother of 2, going on 3.

Well, to me, she's always that little young lady in school, our dear blockhead of Blk E. My memories of her still remain mostly at those days, cant really imagine her being a mummy of 3!!!

Congratulations to Wee Chong and Sue Yin, for the new addition to your family, in a month's time.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ben and Nai Lei

Some kids portrait done for Nai Lei, a good friend of my Sis-in-law. It was a big challenge for me. As her kids are quite active. But i somehow managed to keep them still in their chairs,........ for a while, just enough time for me to take a few shots of them.

The girls are twins. But i cant tell them apart. They look the same to me. The only difference - their hair clips.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The BIG Move - A NEW Beginning!!!!

Finally we have shifted to a brand NEW studio at 12A Sago Street. Just next to the Buddhist Temple at Chinatown. Few plus points of my new place. Parking is easier for my clients, there's a big carpark infront of my studio. Food is GOOD, Maxwell, Chinatown market, Amoy and Tanjong Pagar, all within walking distances!!! Yummy!!!! I love my new place!!!!

Moving office can be quite a hassle, packing and unpacking alone took almost a week!!! I am glad i have finally settled down. Time to get into some work and actions now. Will take a few photos of new new place sometime later.

Took some maternity portrait for a couple last weekend at my new studio. I was Doreen and JP's AD photographer 2 years ago. Time passes so fast, they are expecting their first child soon. Congratulations!!!!

While the ceiling at my old studio is higher and the room wider, the new studio offers a longer space for me to shoot. I can really move back to the end of the hall. Control of the lights is better too.

This marks a new beginning for TOPIXSTUDIO and also for JP and Doreen. Let's welcome more good things that are to come!!!