Tuesday, December 16, 2008

FLYING SHOES!!!! Size 10!!!

Has been neglecting my blog recently due to some projects. Will update with more photos later.

Here's a short clip of Bush got attacked!!!! He's good at taking cover!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

White Obama vs. Black McCain! Let the issues be the issue, not the color

Grey NYC’s Creative director Tor Myhren came up with this brilliant poster for the recent presidential election.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A New President

Barack Obama wins the election! A time for CHANGE. A change for the better? A change for a less arrogant and hostile America? A change for a better world, a better financial market?

Bush boo................here comes democratic OBAMA!

D-Simlab Corporate Portrait

Corporate portrait for D-SIMLAB.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Seok Hoon Family Portrait

A recent family portrait with Seok Hoon and her family. Her girls were a little shy when they came in. But with a little warmup and play session with her daddy and mummy. I got quite a few shots to keep.

This is my favourite, for the expression and the bond between mother and child.

Shu Hua

Shu Hua and her boyfriend came to my studio for a couple portrait. I told them to be themselves and have fun. This is the end result.

Still brings me smile when i review their photos..............

Saturday, October 25, 2008

John and Cynthia

This is one of my favourite weddings to date. John and Cynthia are the nicest people i have taken photos of so far. Alway making sure i am well taken care of.

Well, such friendly and caring gestures certainly spur me on to go the extra mile for them!!! Cos AD wedding photography can be quite tiring, mentally and physically demanding. It really feels good that your clients are appreciative of your hard work.

John and Cynthia have also been very receptive with the suggestions i proposed to them. I had advised them earlier to do away with table to table shots.

I am ok with doing table-to-table shots, i usually go with the wish of my clients. But personally i dun really think those photos mean much, except recording the fact that who were present at the wedding. I would rather like my clients to mingle, chat and even fool around with their guests. It makes the dinner more causal, cosier and fun. I have seen a lot of couples having to rush through the dinner banquet, changing outfits ( 2 or even 3!) and trying to go through the round of photo taking for 20 - 30 tables. Once they have done that, it's time to say bye bye and they have to rush to the door to usher people off.

John and Cynthia opted for the more causal walk-about. I think they had quite a enjoyable time, it gave me lots of opportunity for candid shots that i like too.

John and Cynthia, thanks for giving the chance to share the happy moments of your wedding.

Click here for the wedding slideshow.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Commercial Shoots

This week has been busy, running around taking commercial shoots.

It's a joy working with professional models and performing artists. To change from poses to poses and "smile" infront of the camera come so easily to them. They "shine" infront of the camera.

Here're a few for NUS ENTERPRISE.

And for GE LIFE, promoting a show for KIDS.

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Princess and Her FROG Prince

Just done an engagment shoot with Stephen and Karen.

I always try to get my wedding clients to be involved in the conceptualising process of their photoshoot. My aim is being able get to know them better and to be able reflect a little bit of them in their wedding photos. It can be about their hobbies, their personalities, their favourite dating places, etc. I hope i can "create" photos that they can "FEEL" for and chat about, apart being the usual beautiful bride and handsome groom, in picturesque settings.

And for Karen and Stephen - I guess it's a fairy tale's wedding.

I always will remember the first time i met Karen. In the midst of the discussion, I asked her to envision what her wedding banquet would be like. She told me her dream wedding is to be able to "fly" down the aisle on a magic carpet. I couldn't help but laughed when i heard that. It's definitely a cool idea, but it would be quite difficult to execute.

What's more, when they turned up at my studio for the photo session. Karen and Stephen wore 2 amazingly cute T-shirts. She was the "PRINCESS" and her hubby - the "FROG PRINCE".

Will i be seeing a fairy tale wedding on her big day? Stephen - any idea how to make a carpet fly? I loan u the rag in my studio if you need one.