Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"It's not about the bike." - Lance Armstrong

When i am surfing the Internet, especially on photography forum, i always come across endless debate on camera brands..... Canon is better than Nikon, or Nikon is better than Canon........blah blah blah....... Just find it very amusing, somewhat silly.

Honestly, I dun really care about brand. I am a Canon user simply bcos my first camera was a Canon EOS 300. A film camera that i still keep till now. Is Canon a good brand? One may ask me. Sure it is, I stand by it, it delivers the quality that i need.

I enjoy digital photography alot, cos i can control the end results, color, BNW, duotone, overexposed, underexposed..limitless creativity. The darkroom process is basically in my hands. I don't have to rely any photo labs to develop my negatives, to produce the "look" that i desire. I love the freedom and control i have.

In reality, there's no perfect camera, as technology is advancing so fast. Few years back, i could visibly see the grains on a photo taken with ISO 800 on a Canon 1Ds. Now, i can confidently shoot a wedding banquet under dim lighting conditions with ISO 1600 on a 5DM2. The photo prints are amazing! Even when i blow them up to large prints; the grains are visually invisible. Technology has indeed made photography alot easier. Maybe one day, the ISO level may even allow us to shoot under the most demanding artificial lighting conditions; with no white balance issues, no more on-camera FLASH???!!!!! Camera that functions just like our eyes????!!!! Till that day comes, i guess there's no PERFECT camera.

One may claim a certain brand is better in the noise control, focusing, blah, blah, blah, maybe to justify for their choice made for THE expensive purchase; to make them feel wiser? But few months down the road, another competitor would come up with a newer version that's more superior. The race is never ending. If you have the money, just go the lastest version. It should satisfy your crave for the BEST.

To me, the camera is just a tool for expressing oneself. The most important thing should be the photos one can produce – ignore the endless and mostly pointless equipment arguments. It's a complete waste of time!

The Bottom Line "It's not about the bike." - Lance Armstrong

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