Saturday, August 8, 2009

Colin & Aileen

Just attended Colin and Aileen's church wedding this afternoon. Din really shoot much today as i was there as a guest. But brought my camera along and took some photos( Occupational Hazzard!!!!) . I am glad i took the decision. Colin's wedding was overwhelmed with emotions, his family, as i have known earlier, is very closely knitted. The bride's daddy actually teared quite a little, must be a sensitive new age guy like Colin.

Got to know Colin when i was studying in Toronto. Used to hang out with them almost every weekend when i was there. Freddy, Jean, Darrell, Jenn, the so-called Spadina Gang ( Name after their rented apartment along Spadina Avenue) and many others......... missed those days........they are friends that made my stay there so memorable.

Colin & Aileen, congratulations!!! Have a blissful marriage!!!

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