Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lay Hong Coffee Table Album

Lay Hong has opted for a coffee table album for her family portrait. I do albums for weddings, for family this is the FIRST. Cos most families will just go for canvas print or smaller prints.

Outdoor family portraits give a totally different feel. My clients are more relax and candid. There's more room for creativity too, in term of poses and compositions. The only thing beyond my control is the weather. I would advise my clients to do outdoor portraits if they have young kids 2/3 yrs and above. The whole family can have fun while i shoot.

For babies, studio portraits offer a more comfortable and controlled environment. Most babies have short attention span, the most half an hour. Many atimes, you have to wait for them to be fed or take a nap before they are ready for another session. It's always easier for them to take a short nap with the lights off and the cool aircon, in my studio.

Here're a few pages.

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