Friday, May 2, 2008

Kylie, Randell, Nicole and Shannon

Just shot an outdoor family portrait for Kylie and Randell at the Singapore Botanical Gardens. We are lucky to be blessed with good weather, a sunny sky and a mild breeze. I was a little worried cos the rain was impending when i woke up this morning.

The girls were a little shy and clinged very much to mummy during the shoot, especially little Shanon. Mummy told me she's not feeling too good, having a running nose....But kids need sometimes to warm up, they have been very good already.

Often i get questions like how long would a photo session last. My shoot would typically last around 1 hour or more, cos we have to wait for the children to settle down and feel at ease with the new environment. Moreover, early shots are usually not ideal, humans are often camera shy and at times nervous. It takes times to losen up.

Here're some shots. Hope to do more outdoor portraits, maybe on the beach. Any takers out there?

Little Shanon was alot happier at my studio, maybe it's the aircon?

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maryann koh said...

*waves madly* me me! stan, can shoot me and my family at the beach or at BGardens? :p