Monday, March 24, 2008


These are my buddies from Willow Avenue Secondary School. ( Has been torn by since, sad.....)

We were supposed to meet up during CNY, our annual get-together. But had to reschedule several times due to family commitments. Guess everyone's busy. With their lives, careers, wives, kids, etc. But we made it finally!!!

I have been thinking of taking portraits of my best pals ever since i have a studio. Glad i had the chance to do that! This is how we look in 22 March 2008!

Thanks pals, for cherishing the friendship all these years!!!


Due to prior family commitments, Han Song and Siong Wah are absent.

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Beng Kuan said...

Thanks, liang seng for the great portrait shots!

I cherish our annual get-together as well.

Yes, we should meet again as the meeting will not be complete without han song and siong wah present to complete the 'Magnificent Seven' in us.

See you all again soon!