Saturday, January 26, 2008

Family Portrait - Paul

The world is so small, just happened to take a family portrait for Paul, who is a client of mine. Did a multimedia project for his company Abacus a while ago. Such a pleasent surprise for me and him, i bet!!! When he entered my studio, i was like " HEY! DO I KNOW YOU!!!!"

I got to talk about his daughter!! Seldom do i meet kids that need no warm up during photo shots. Paul's daughter was so spontaneous the moment she came in. I didn't even need to coach her or tease her, her expressions just came naturally. Sweet!

Here're some shots during the session.

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Paul Tay said...

Boy...was it a surprise but definitely a very pleasant one! A fun-filled session whereby we all participated, posed, laughed, smiled & enjoyed! Stanley, thanks for the enjoyable moment & capturing all these into enternity down memory lane! Cheers!